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    About Boquete

    Boquete is a small mountain town in Panama, near Costa Rica, in the green mountain highlands. Temperature year round is between 60-80F. The scenery is breath-taking with the natural environment surrounding you at all times. Boquete attracts tourists, ex-pats of all ages and retirees from all over the world.

    Boquete boasts world-class musicians and artists of all types. The annual Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival & Flower Festival in February delight thousands of visitors from all over the world.

    Boquete offers some of the world’s best coffee and produce. The fertile volcanic soil and year-round temperatures are a perfect combo for agriculture. The dry season, also known as the rainbow or high season, is December through April. The wet season is generally May through November. The wet season typically means afternoon rains for a couple of hours. With beautiful mornings and evenings, many use the afternoon rains for a nice nap.

    Boquete offers lots to do, no matter your age. There are many groups for hiking, crafting, photography, yoga, games, zip-lining and various community service projects. Many ex-pats get involved with others throughout the area to serve and connect while having fun. The Boquete Community Group or Boquete News Facebook pages are an excellent resource for information and asking about upcoming events or interest groups.