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    Real Estate Panama Goodtimes

    Panama Good Times Real EstateReal Estate Panama Goodtimes

    ✴ The Sunday Spin ✴ ? LIVE Every Sunday @3pm – Episode #13
    Getting to Know Panama One City / Town at a Time
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    For this episode please click on the image above.
    Agenda – Please welcome a few awesome entrepreneur friends living throughout the country.
    1) Introduction to the magical lands of Boquete.?️ 3:00pm – 3:05pm
    2) Chris Young – Executive Chef and Partner of Boulder 54, Big Daddy´s Grill, Tap Out, and Big Daddy´s Beach Club & Hotel ?️ 3:05pm – 3:20pm
    3) Paul McBride – owner, Boquete Cottages (a residential rental community) and participant on House Hunters first sho in Panama ?️ 3:20pm – 3:35pm
    4) Ryan and Cornelia Mikolash – Wellness Educator & Earthlings, living in Panama City, Panama. Visit their website at ?️ 3:35pm – 3:50pm
    5) Michael Vuytowecz – Founder of Inside Panama Real Estate. Get your today or just write to me to say hello, I am available to talk about your options whether you are looking to sell, buy or rent. ?️ 3:50pm – 4:00pm️
    ? Powered by: Inside Panama Real Estate, here to introduce their new Fly and Try Program … Inside Panama has many awesome rental properties they can set you up to get come down and get your feet wet and if you decide to buy a home in Panama – Inside Panama will pay that first months rent while you spend time with one of their great agents finding you, the perfect home to purchase. For more information and restrictions please contact them.
     Calling All US and Canadian Citizens
    (Already Living in Panama? Please Share Your Friends!)
    ?️ Are You Looking For a New Beginning, an Adventure, or Just a Place Where You Can Find More Peace of Mind, Nature, Foreign Investment, and Good Times?
    ?️ Are You Interested to Find Out Why So Many Northern Americans Like Yourself Have Chosen Panama to Now Call Home?
    ?️ Are You Just Over All the Madness Where You Are Living Now?
    Join – Austin Hess from the Panama Good Times Media House and Newspaper as he takes you on a journey around Panama each week, visiting with other Expats who have come down to Panama to retire, start a business, work for a multinational company, live the dream as a young digital nomad or for Foreign Investments, and yes we are talking Panama, Central America where the Panama Canal is.
    We will be talking about the lifestyle, moving process, real estate, medical, schools, groups, clubs, entertainment, restaurants, and the pros and cons of living in Panama. #Panama #DigitalNomad ·Retirement #VisitPanama

    Real Estate Panama Goodtimes Video: Sunday Spin Boquete

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