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    Vacationing or Scouting Real Estate in Panama

    Real Estate Panama

    Are you thinking about Vacationing or

    Scouting Real Estate in Panama?

    With things globally opening up and shifting, many are looking for the next adventure. Have you thought about Panama? Here are some essential tips to prepare for your journey.

    18 things to know before traveling to Panama

    Idyllic islands, rolling surf, untamed nature and showstopping wildlife all help make Panama an irresistible destination.
    Sat at the crossroads of the Americas and connecting two oceans, did you know that beyond its cosmopolitan capital and legendary canal, it’s a biodiversity hotspot? Or that this narrow isthmus produces some of the world’s finest – and most expensive – coffee?
    There’s plenty to know on the practical side as well. Read on for our top tips for traveling to Panama.

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    Whether you are vacationing or scouting for your perfect tropical paradise home, there is much to see and do in Panama. New resorts are opening for nature and relaxation experiences. Check out one of the most unique in Bocas del Toro!

    The Caribbean’s Newest Overwater Bungalow Resort Is in Panama

    The Caribbean’s Newest Overwater Bungalow Resort Is in Panama


    Luxury private island resort in Panama reveals new ‘aerial’ beach

    Sixteen luxurious overwater villas on a private island in the Caribbean Sea. A 70-foot freshwater pool and spa. An enviable commitment to sustainability thanks to the exclusive use of solar energy. Fine dining in a restaurant set inside a 100-year-old house. Sounds perfect, right?

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    You have the best of both opportunities right before you. Visit Panama and take in all its wonders, while scouting for that perfect sweet spot to call home.
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